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Sep 24, 2011
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Thanks for taking time to read my question.

I'm originally from California (and went to school, college there) but happened to go to vet school abroad in Europe at a non-AVMA accredited school. I'm now working on equivalency to be able to come back to work in the USA and as part of that I will be doing the fourth year of vet school at Mississippi State University starting in September.

I have a few questions about the city and the school and I'd just love to get in touch with someone who is currently going to vet school there to get some info about how everything works. I'd especially love advice on housing! I've been in contact already with the administration at the school but they're taking a long time to get back to me about this stuff in particular.

If any current or recently graduated students feel like answering some basic questions I'd be really appreciative!

Thank You
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