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Questions from a non-traditional aspiring dental student


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Dec 1, 2008
    I am currently a junior at a liberal arts college in St. Augustine Florida majoring in business administraition and accounting. After much though I have concluded that the business world is not for me and am very interested in the field of dentistry.
    That being said, my college offers almost nothing by way of science classes so I will need to take them somewhere else. I have no plans on transferring right now because I am so far along in my major and fear most of my credits would not transfer.
    Over the summer I would like to take some of the prerequists for dental school at either my local community college or at a state university. Taking classes as a non degree seeking student at a state university might not be possible as I have spoken with some of the admissions staff.
    My question is: Will most dental schools be extremly turned off if I obtain some of my prereques from a community college?

    I also am interested in volunteering or shawdowing at a dentist's office to make sure this is what I want to do for the rest of my lives.
    Any advice on how best to get my foot in the door at a dental clinic would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for reading this.
    Best Wishes


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    Apr 23, 2008
    1. Dental Student
      If dentistry is what you really want then transfer. You need the science credits and I am sure that most will transfer as long as they are not community college credits.

      I would say don't take your pre reqs at a community college because the adcoms don't look favorably on community college courses.


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      Jun 25, 2008
      1. Pre-Dental
        If you fear not having your credits transfer, then continue at your present school and take the prerequisite science courses at your state university.

        The question you asked about community college credits depends on the school you wish to apply to. Some don't mind while others don't accept them at all. I suggest you call the schools your interested in and #1 find out what the pre-req's are and #2 ask them about community college credits. Your career counselor should also have some good advice. Best wishes.
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        Sep 2, 2008
        1. Pre-Dental
          FLDent, I'm a non-trad student like you and I would recommend contacting the dental schools that you are interested in and finding out how they view community college credits.

          I contacted one of the schools that listed "yes' they accept cc credits however they told me that the pre-req science courses would not be looked upon favorably.


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          Mar 3, 2007
          1. Dental Student
            I too was a non-trad in my undergrad, however I was already a bio major so I wasn't in the exact circumstance. That said, there are many students with finance or business degrees at my dental school. Since your school doesn't offer these courses what I would suggest is taking a post-bacc program. There are many of these programs for people interest in medical or dental fields, but don't have a degree that covers the pre reqs. The nice thing about these programs are that they are full time so you are eligable for financial aid. Almost all are completed in one year so you can do them while applying.
            I did a few dental shadows and I was new to the area and had trouble finding connections, so I talked to people. A found a dentist through a friend (he referred me to his dentist) and one through the administration. In both circumstances I dropped off a CV or resume in person and introduced myself to the receptionist. I got a phone call or was called in to meet the dentist in a short amount of time and put in 40-80 hours over a few weeks ( I was a full time student and working so I had limited hours). It was great I recommend shadowing to anyone interested in the field. Its a big investment you should experience it for free to make sure that it is right for you. Just remember that dentist are generally welcoming people that enjoy sharing their profession with people who are interested in pursing it.
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