Questions (Nontraditional student)

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Dr Hannibal Lester

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Sep 29, 2016
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Hello everyone, I had some questions as I'm not the most traditional student and I've had a rough past.

My mother passed at the end of middle school, 8th grade, prior I took care of her. Dad has never been in the picture. Afterwords I lived in pretty rough conditions with my aunts and uncles family. So when I first started community college I was taking a few busses to get there and missed alot of classes, thus getting a few Fs. After a year I quit, learned to drive, got my own place and started working in IT. Eventually I ended up at NIH doing IT support and systems administrator work for the director and other CEOs, me and him got along pretty well and he convinced me that the idea my parents drilled into my head was wrong and that if I want to I should try med school. Basically my dad had a really hard time during his medical studies and the stress caused him to become schizophrenic. So a year ago I went back to college.

So I'm 24 now, getting my associates this semester from my community college and I've gotten As in all my classes since coming back to college. Courses have been general chem, general physics, engineering Calc, general biology, and genetics. These are the standard courses not the basic or intro level courses that are sometimes offered. My cumulative GPA at the time of graduation will be 3.5.

My questions pertain to whether college rankings for my bachelor's matter, what to major in, and how it all effects my chances. Also what factors should I look at when I'm comparing colleges. I want to major in Neuroscience as I find it pretty interesting and want to be a neurosurgeon later on in life with a heavy focus on research. Also what are some good ways to get into med school?

Here is the current situation, I'm mainly looking at UCSD, but otherwise I have garunteed acceptance into VCU, Virginia Tech, and George Mason. None that I really want to go to but I'm ok with Virginia Tech. I also would be quite happy with John Hopkins or UCLA / UC Berkley ^_^ but that's not realistic yet.

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The college where you are most likely to excel is more important than any ranking.
If you receive a scholarship or the location is near a support system, go for it.
This advice does not apply (of course) to for-profit "universities."