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Jul 24, 2007
    Hello everyone :)

    First off a little background on my current status. I am a canadian student studying pharmacy in a 0-6 program in the states. I have a-lot of questions about actually practising pharmacy in America.

    1) The school issued me the i-20 visa - my question is: Am I allowed to take the NAPLEX and practise pharmacy in the united states off that visa? Am I allowed to just take the NAPLEX?

    2) If I wish to continue pharmacy back in Canada, must I take the NAPLEX before doing the qualifying exams in Canada, or can I just head over there with the PharmD?

    3) If I wish to get a green-card, how does it's process work? I have minimal intention of actually living in the states, but if i do need to, must I not have a greencard? Is there any way to obtain the greencard before I graduate from the PharmD program?

    Thank you!
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