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May 17, 2003
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I just compiled my A-Z list of questions to ask about foreign medical schools.
Please feel free to add to it, if you'd like.
a) How much teacher instruction is given and how much student input is allowed (#of hours case based learning vs. # of didactic lectures)
b) How closely do you follow course objectives if they are given
c)How excited do students get about learning the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain and its applications?
d) Number of hours of lecture per day
e) Number of hours you spend studying per day or per week
f) focus of study - amount of vertical and horizontal integration - how much do the students need to integrate the information for themselves.
g) preference of test format - oral vs. multiple choice vs. essay, emphasis on first order, second order or third order questions?
h) how many quizzes, exams, homeworks are there per day or per week?
i) how accessible are instructors?
j) do students sometimes have difficulty understanding instructors with heavy accents?
k)how well do your students score on their board exams in the past (MBBS and MD), and how much help do they receive from their peers and instructors?
l)Do students get any research opportunity?
m) Would you rate the atmosphere of classes as cut-throat competitive, competitive or congenial? Are students graded on a straight scale or on a curve
n) how easy is it to find friends with different beliefs?
o) describe the general attitude of teachers to their students. How hard are they pushed to teach well, and how high are their expectations of students? Vice versa, how high are the expectations of students from their teachers?
p)general schedule of midterms and final exams
q) attrition rate/ student retention rate
r) graduation rate
s) #of transfer students coming in and out
t) percentage of students who have gained residencies in other countries and where?
u) how are student stress/ student conflict handled?
v)dangers and not-so-good issues one should be careful about? What's the worst that can happen to a foreign student there?
w) how much break do students get per semester?
x)how happy are the students? :laugh:
y)how happy are the faculty? :smuggrin:
z)How much clinical exposure do students get?
z1)How forgiving can you be about your nap times? :sleep:


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Jan 2, 2001
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Hmm. Good luck getting someone to answer all those q's. What's up with c??? A lot of foreign schools are still traditional in nature, with no PBL (case-based learning)...this is starting to change, unfortunately. Some courses are starting to focus a bit on lateral thinking as well (I think what you'd call horizontal integration), and all of medicine to some degree is like's a necessity by the nature of the profession. Sounds like a very "American" questionnaire.


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Jul 20, 2003
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I'm curious why you say you need to ask these questions of foreign schools. it's a funny attitude to assume that schools outside the US will automatically need scrutiny that schools in the US don't. (Sorry feeling grumpy today). Anyway, you should be aksing yourself this about every school!!! Or none.
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