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Questions to ask at interview

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Amitha726, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. What are good questions to ask at an interview? I feel like I know a lot about the school I'm interviewing at this week, because I've visited the website, and will have a tour, etc. of the school when I'm there. What questions will make me sound the most interested and intelligent? :)

    University of Rochester, class of 2001
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  3. jimi

    jimi Senior Member

    Dec 6, 2000
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    Don't ever ask about facts...since they might wonder if you are so interested in the school why haven't you looked up the info.

    I prefer to ask subjective questions to take advantage of my interviewer's first hand knowledge of the school. For example, you can ask them some of the following:

    1. In your opinion, what is the greatest strength of this program?

    2. I have noticed that there is some student representation on various committees in this program, but is the student voice seriously considered in decision making? (Most programs pride themselves on having students on the admissions committee, but for example at USC, my student interviewer said her interview writeup is pretty much ignored.)

    3. Do you feel your program trains its students to be clinicians or is there a greater emphasis on research? (It's good to see what their defense is especially at the big research schools.)

    Good luck!!!
  4. Annihilator

    Annihilator Member

    Feb 15, 2001
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    Simple really. What are your interests? Research those interests before you get there, then at the interview try to get them to elaborate on what you've learned.

    For example, I'm interested in International Health and Public Health. I looked at every school's website about international opportunities. Then during the interview (you could even ask both interviewers the same question, I did occasionally), I asked the interviewer what they knew about the international opportunities. As they started responding, I'd use what I had learned previously to guide the conversation into areas that weren't on the website. And often times, they don't know as much as you've researched. So in those cases, I would tell them what you know of. Tell them that you had hoped to learn more from the interviewer. Then ask them who or where you could find out more info. This tells the interviewer that you've done your homework, what you are interested in (like 10 years from now), and also let's them know that you are serious about the school since you will be contacting someone that they refer you to (yeah, right).

    Works like a charm.... :)
  5. KidA

    KidA Member

    Feb 3, 2001
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    Here's a question I wish I asked:

    Are the people here attractive?


    Do you have any special support services for the perpetually erect?

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