Sep 22, 2010
  1. Medical Student
I'm trying to compile a list of questions in my head that I want to have answered at each place I interview and wanted everyone else's input. I figure this interview process is going to be a two way street and it would help to just know what are the right questions to ask. Here are the ones I've come up with so far:

For PDs, interviewers
1. What are the specific patient populations that this program serves?
2. Is there an EMR or Electronic ordering system in place?
3. How will you address the new 16hr work hour restrictions for interns in terms of team cohesion and JAR/SAR work hours?
4. Do you forsee any big changes to the program or the medical center in the years ahead such as new experimental teaching models within the program or expansions to the medical center?
5. Are there any fellowships that residents seem to have had the most success in the match?
6. Is the IM program able to coordinate with other program directors to assist in syncronizing vacation time for couples?

For residents:
1. How often do you make it to morning report or noon conference?
2. Do you feel the PGY1 curriculum was sufficient for making a decision and informed decision on future career choices?
3. Are there enough ancillary staff for efficient management of patients?
4. What attracted you to this program?
5. Have there been any surprises that you were unaware of prior to coming here?
6. If you could change an aspect of this program to emulate another school, what it would be and why?
7. Is there any unique aspects of this program that you really like?
8. Which departments tend to staff the GIM rotations?
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