Quoted: Am I ready to return to med school after LOA?

Discussion in 'Confidential Consult' started by Tildy, May 4, 2011.

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    There is no way anyone on the internet can answer this for you, but here are some thoughts.

    First, if your LOA just started 2-3 months ago, you haven't had nearly enough time to deal with the issues you discussed. It will take another year or so. Whether you take that year depends on a lot of things, including finances, but don't expect that 3 months was enough time to resolve all the issues you mentioned.

    Second, I strongly encourage you to find 3-4 FACULTY mentors, especially in fields you might be interested in and spend some real time talking with them about their lives, experiences and ideas. Don't give up if the first few folks you talk to don't have the answers. Also, look broadly, don't discount talking to late middle age guys....we might not have your perspective, but we might know a bit about life.

    Third, from reading this post and your other posts, I think you still have a strong interest in medicine and probably have a lot to offer to the field and to future patients. You just need more time, more counseling and more mentoring to be sure.

    You are welcome to PM me as well.

    Good luck
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    It will also be worth talking to some people you trust: family, closest friends, clergy, and your therapist.
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