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Mar 11, 2007
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Im very confused on a question from qvault:

A compound that is weakly soluble in water:

Will be a strong electrolyte

Will be a weak electrolyte

Can be a weak electrolyte or a strong electrolyte

Will be a weak electrolyte at low temperatures

Will be a strong electrolyte if it is highly concentrated

I thought the answer would be that it would be a weak electrolyte since the definition of one is that it does not dissolve completely in water, please help!

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May 28, 2011
"A Strong electrolyte is a solute that exists in solution completely or nearly completely as ions. Again, the strength of an electrolyte is defined as the percentage of solute that is ions, rather than molecules. The higher the percentage, the stronger the electrolyte. Thus, even if a substance is not very soluble, but what does dissolve dissociates completely into ions, the substance is defined as a strong electrolyte." - Wiki

Therefore, since they did not say what the substance was, we know that it can either be a strong or weak electrolyte.