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Dec 17, 2003
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I'm not the one whose racist--just to let you know. Allow me to explain the situation:

I am trying to go to college next semester (spring) with my major being pre-veterinary medicine. I was talking to my mother about the 27-28 (I think they might add another vet school if they havent already--only rumors tho so don't quote me on it) veterinary schools in the country. My mother was all for it until I casually mentioned that one of the veterinary schools happens to be offered at a historically black college. (tuskegee university vet school to be exact.) Thats when my mother told me "well don't go to that veterinary school".

I don't get it, there's only 27-28 veterinary schools in the US, one cannot afford to be picky and cannot afford to let something as trivial as race get in the way of furthering your education.

How do I deal with this problem?


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Nov 18, 2005
to be perfectly honest - i dont see the problem here -

you can apply to any school you please - who the hell is anybody to tell you that you cant go to a school because it was historically an african american school... thats just pure BS.


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Dec 7, 2004
There are 28 schools. Western is the most recent addition.

I don't know anyone who applies to all 28 schools. Most apply to their in-state school and a few other schools beyond that. Plus, you are just starting your college education, and you'll need to figure out which undergrad school you're going to attend first. I think you're getting ahead of yourself if you're getting worked up about what your mom said about one school that you're not even sure about applying too. Ultimately, it is your education, your career, your life, and your decision.

I wouldn't even worry about. I'd spend my time exploring the field and making sure it is right for you. Then when you are convinced that you want to pursue the veterinary field, then go do your research on schools, etc.
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May 27, 2004
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There is no problem. You can apply wherever you want. Your mother will either be glad that you are fulfilling the dream you've worked so hard at, or she'll be petty about the fact that Tuskegee is an HBCU. Either way it doesn't matter for you at all. Your parents have quite a bit of say over your undergrad education but things will be very different 4 years from now. It's really not even worth worrying about at this point.

Incidentally, I know a few vets who graduated from Tuskegee - some black and some white.


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Jul 26, 2005
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I dated a guy that went to TU...he was a pasty white boy from Kentucky. ;) I think the school does a great job preparing their grads for the real world. The students get a lot of time doing things that other schools won't allow them to do. There are things that my students would NEVER be allowed to do, only techs or residents would and it's common for students to at TU. Do they have all the technology? Maybe not...but if you're not going in to academic medicine, wouldn't you take depth of skill over say, a CT scanner?
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