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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by ar2322, Jul 19, 2000.

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    I hear that radiology residencies were extremely competitive last year, and the same is going to be true this year. The various advisors and residency directors I have spoken to have not been very helpful re. such info, and I can't quite decide how many programs to apply to without knowing how competitive things are -- most books and web sites simply say -- "depends on whether you are applying to a competitive specialty..." How competitive is radiology these days, compared to, say, Ortho or Derm?

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    Ahh the irony. I was just thinking of starting a topic on Radiology. I'm sorry I can't help with your question, except to say visit and look under the specialty profiles for radiology (if you haven't already done so). It's quite informative.

    Perhaps you could help with my question, though. Can anyone out there comment on the pros and cons of Radiology now and in the foreseable future? I'd like to hear from current residents, interns, etc.. I'm especially interested in a DOs perspective.
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    you might want to check out chrononet ( the MD who started the site is a rad onc guy, and he may answer some questions for you. Back in the day, Chrononet had the most active premed board out there...

    I just checked the site, and it seems to be having some problems. It has for a couple of weeks. Hmmm.

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