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Nov 10, 2003
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Hey guys,

I am a 3rd year med student interested in radiology. I am especially interested in neuroradiology and possibly interventional neuroradiology. Additionally, I want to have a practice with lots of research. What are some good academic radiology residencies? I'm especially interested in living in the Midwest.


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Jan 21, 2001
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There are plenty of great academic programs in the Midwest:

Wash U/MIR - arguably the best program in the US
Michigan - another top notch program
Northwestern - strong IR
Univ of Chicago

A hidden gem is Indiana -- very strong IR division.

If you stretch your definition of the Midwest a bit, you can pick up some great programs in Texas (such as UT-Southwestern) and Tennessee (Vanderbilt).

Good luck!

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Aug 11, 2001
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I'd include University of Wisconsin in that list. There is amazing research going on and the Neuro department staff are great (very laid back and friendly, but at the same time well known and doing cutting edge research).

Medical College of Wisconsin is also somewhat of a hidden gem.
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