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Dec 27, 2008
I need some advice about the PCAT. I scored an 80% composite and already have interviews lined up with pharmacy schools, but one wants me to retake the test to raise my chem score. I had a 42nd percentile on chemistry and they need it to be at least 45th percentile. Does anyone have any advice for working on chemistry alone? I've taken the test twice and my chem score dropped from 45 to 37 even though I studied more.

I don't have the money to order Dr. Collins's materials or anything expensive right now, but I already have the Kaplan PCAT book. I've found that I can do fine with the material in the book, but when I go to take the test I have no idea what the answers are. Does anyone else have this problem? It's like the book presents general topics and theory (which is easy) and the tests ask specific/difficult questions. I'm so lost... :(

I don't need a drastic increase, but this is my last chance... Any good websites or books?????
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