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Oct 17, 2002
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering how it would work if someone were to apply and interview for 2 different specialites that were different in format. For example, fields like anesthesia and radiology require that you do an intern year that you have to apply for separately. And fields like internal med and peds are just one entity. If i were to apply to both anesthesia and internal medicine, how would i make my rank list at the end. Some anesthesia residents were telling me that there are 2 different rank lists for anesthesia, one for your intern yr, and one for the actual gas residency.

Can anyone out there help me out with this? I wanted to have a rank list that hopefully had gas programs in the top half and some internal med programs ont he bottom. Is it possible to match for a transitional year, not match for anesthesia, AND match for internal med.? I"m sure it's not, but how would it work out then? Thanks!


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Mar 30, 2006
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My understanding is that Prelim and Transition years are ranked linked to the other program you are matching into. For instance, if your number one program on your rank list is an anesthesia residency, then you would have a separate rank list linked to it for your internship. That list would only be used if you match there. So each anesthesia program you rank would have its own internship rank list as well.

So, there is no way you could match in a transition or prelim year without first matching into an anesthesia program unless you ranked them unlinked.
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