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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by mdphd2b, Dec 8, 2001.

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    Just wondering if there is some formal listing of how residency programs rank. I am especially interested in knowing what the top residency programs are for Pathology.

    Thanks! :rolleyes:
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    Your best bet is to ask faculty at your program or a nearby academic medical center what they believe to be the best programs. USN&WR ranking are at best skewed toward research oriented programs and at worst anecdotal - ranking high because a program gets beaucoup research bucks means little to nothing to your future education.

    Academic pathologists will undoubtedly know which programs are considered prestigious - if you really need to know that sort of thing. :rolleyes:
  4. Yes, I wouldn't go by the USN&WR rankings at all. Program chairs at your school are also good resources. If you aren't a MS IV yet, you still have time to talk to senior medical students who are applying to fields your are interested in.

    Also, while interviewing, I talked at length with the residents and other applicants. I wound up calling a few of the residents after I got home to answer additional questions in formulating my match list. Residents at your school or at a program you are interviewing/doing an externship at would also provide you will valuable information. Why not benefit from the research they did when applying?
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    Top pathology programs as per the University of Pennsylvania Medical School guide to pathology residencies and by the program director at Penn. Funny how they list Penn as #1. ;) BTW - I know a guy who was an OB-Gyn PGY1 and scrambled into Brigham and Womens path last year (not sure how B&W went unfilled).

    1. Penn
    2. Brigham & Womens
    3. Wash U
    4. Hopkins
    5. Mass Gen.
    6. Mich.
    7. U. Wash.
    8. UCSF
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    Hee hee love that list. Pretty good making up a list so you can put yourself at the Top. Let me try:

    List of coolest Jeeps in America:
    1. My Jeep
    2. Everyone else's Jeep

    There are a few programs on that list that are path factories. If you go there be prepared to work like a surgeon (sorry Kim).

    Instead of being miserable for 4 or 5 years find a residency where the residents are happy. There is no better advice. If the residents are happy the staff, facilities, teaching, hours and job opportunities are good. If you are interested in programs in the Southeast US let me know and I will give you a few strong choices.

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