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Nov 16, 2000
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The MER is 1.15%. Still too high.

Any group of stocks that they come up, on average, still aren't going to beat a lower percentage MER index ETF like S&P 500 or TSX 60.

The exposure to US and International is basically insignificant, why even bother paying for diversity of 0.1% exposure to Europe or 0.4% to Asia. Cheaper just to buy a full domestic index ETF. 2.5% is cash. Why? To try to time the market? Why pay someone 1.15% to sit on cash at all? A waste of assets in a fund. Looks like their top holdings are Canadian financials--could consider just getting the ETF Canadian financial yourself (I think the ticker is TSX:XFN). RBC profits are through the roof--they are making serious coin off selling products like these mutual funds, you could buy the XFN and make money off other people getting these things instead of you paying RBC and giving your money to others

Stocks period aren't safe in short term. Long term over the next decade everything else but stocks is less safe. Bond yield/fixed investments of companies--unless they are nearly junk grade, interest rates are in a historic cellar and will be there for a few years at least--the returns are barely going to pace inflation after tax takes a hit. If want to go distant sovereign debt with safer better yielding returns like Canada savings bonds just buy them directly--realize I said safer not safe, population crises 30 years hence may put squeeze on Canada just as is going on in Greece now.

Disclosure: Not an analyst and not your analyst.