RCSI-Dublin or RCSI-Bahrain?

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Dec 10, 2009
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I posted this on the africa and middle east forum about a week ago, but got no responses. It is just as applicable on this forum too, I guess.

I will be applying to medical schools soon. I have looked at both websites from RCSI-Bahrain and RCSI-Ireland. Supposedly, they are pretty much the same school with the same education levels at both locations. However, I don't want to take a chance with advertising campaigns. Are they really the same? When I will be coming back to the US, will there be bias against me if I go to Bahrain instead of Ireland? I know that for UK and Ireland IMG's, it is must easier to come to the US than Indian and Pakistani IMG's. If they are the same degree, and it doesn't say Bahrain anywhere on it, then I would like to attend there because of the much more interesting culture and environment in general. Although I am muslim, I don't know much arabic, so that may be a problem if I go to Bahrain also.
also, it says I need 34 IB points to qualify for the 5-year program. Does this mean that I can't apply until July (for a program which likely starts in august or september) when my official scores come back?

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