RCSI GEM or University of Sydney in Australia

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Jun 23, 2020
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How do these two schools compare to each other in terms of student experiences and general perception and anything else relevant? I intended to practice in Canada but am becoming increasingly open to practicing in Ireland or the UK if I go to RCSI or perhaps Australia if I choose Sydney (although I am not too keen about the rural practice in Australia).

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Current USyd student here.
Highly advise against coming to USyd.
Tuition increases every year with declining education, but the worst thing is you will likely NOT get a job after you graduate.
Aus: opened new med schools recently with minimal increase in internship position
Canada: USyd change their elective timeline and course structure. It was hard to match before the change, much much harder now
US: US licensing exams went through major changes. Unlikely for internationals (esp. non-US IMGs) to match.

Happy to elaborate more if you pm me but seriously... don't come here. Choose RCSI (or even the Caribbean's for that matter)
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