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May 26, 2002
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Hi guys,

Quick question,

A friend of mine is re-applying this year and she was wondering if she had to change every single one of her secondary essay answers from last year.

She changed her AMCAS essay for sure, but as far as the secondaries go, she's confused because, for example, RUSH and other schools not only have a ton of questions, but some of their questions require answers that may only be described by single, specific events.

For example, RUSH asked about her weakness...if she changed her answer this year, that would mean she'd have a weakness from last year and this year, as well.

Anyway input please.



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Apr 17, 2002
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I don't know if this is right or wrong, but this is what I am doing:

I used a new AMCAS essay.

For questions that require short answers (eg: why do you want to attend X, etc...), I am using basically the same thing as last year and modifying where appropriate.

For Essays: It depends on the essay: some schools, I am just modifying what I do have, or using the same theme. Some schools I am re-writing a new essay.

I basically don't want to give the impression that I am not putting effort into the applications this year, so except for the short answer questions, I am not going to hand in the exact same thing as last year.
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