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Jul 13, 2007
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My MCAT is coming up in the next month and I'm a little cautious about my current VR practices predicting my real MCAT VR score. This is my fourth time re-taking the MCAT. So I have gone through a majority of the practice tests (namely, most of EK101 and AAMC and a few TPR diagnostics). So having a history with these passages I am a little hessitant to say conclusively that any of my practice score would predict my I performance on the real test. AAMC test failed to predict my last test score as I was getting consistent 10-12 while on the real thing I bombed to an 8.

This time my practice test score are as follows:

EK101 (2nd edition)
#1: 28 (9)
#2: 35 (12)
#3: 35 (12)
#4: 31 (10)
#5: 29 (9)
#6: 32 (10)
#7: 34 (11)
Average: 10.4 +/-0.4 <-- (why? cause I'm nerdy :p)

TPR Diagnostics
#1: 25 (7)
#2: 20 (5)
#3: 29 (9)
#4: 25 (7)
#5: 28 (9)
#6: 32 (10)
Average: 7.8 +/- 0.6

Total Average: 9.2 +/- 0.3

I will still keep on doing the EK101 and TPR diagnostic. I will only limit myself to a few AAMC diagnostics since I found them to be way too easy and not representivity of the real MCAT (at least not the one I wrote). My goal is to get a 10+ on the real MCAt and I'm just throwing it out there to the SDNer and see what the response is. Should I be optimistic, cautious, or doubtful of achieving that score on my real MCAT.

Cheers to everybody