Reaching the end of my *Freshman* year. What should i plan for?



Hi, 2nd semester is almost over, and finally i see summer again. To get in to medical school, what should i plan for this summer to boost my chances? I am looking for volunteering hours, research opportunities, medical experiences, mcat reviews, and etc. Do you have any suggestions to help me get started on this jobs and make the road go smoothly?


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Apr 28, 2004
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-visit your premed office
-figure out a good schedule so you can take the mcat after your prereqs are done
-meet with potential professors that you will want an LOR from
-Have fun


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Jan 31, 2005
I would personally try and get a research position at your school considering it is too late now to apply for research fellowships/internships at other schools, MMEP(or SMEP), or other summer programs. Look around your school and find a project that sounds interesting to you. Albeit being a freshman you might be delegated to menial tasks you will learn the ropes of research and maybe after a quarter or two you might get your own project! On top of that try and shadow some doctors around your area. Maybe take some classes to get some pre-reqs out of the way too. Its all up to you, but those are some things I suggest. For next summer I suggest applying to summer program starting this fall!