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Mar 26, 2003
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    My advice....the 1.5 months after graduation is the last large block of free time you will have for a long time. Go somewhere you always wanted to go, spend time with family and friends, or camp out in front of the TV all day drinking beer. You will have enough time to read during your residency.

    As far as anatomy goes, unless your program is OR-heavy for PGY-1's, you might be better off reading material that will prepare you for managing patients on the floors (ie fluids and electrolytes, micro, basic pharm). If the occasional OR case comes your way, then study the pertinent anatomy.

    Good luck!


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    Apr 23, 2003
      1. The Surgical Intern Survival Guide
      Almost every question you will have in the first two months of internship is answered by this, Maxwell's and the ACLS cards - but you should already have the latter two.

      2. Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards
      It's Netter, but it fits in your damn pocket.

      3. The Washington Manual of Surgery
      Might be a little big for your pocket; if so, keep it in your locker, or stashed somewhere nearby.

      Every other book you need for the year, believe it or not, is either a book you probably already own or one that will be provided for you by your department and promptly go into a corner of your apartment where it will remain until the week before ABSITE.
      Hi there,
      The best books for surgery interns:

      The most recent edition of Pocket Pharmacopia

      The Surgical Intern Survival Guide by Chamberlain (very cheap litttle book that has everything that you need)

      One of the two big texts: Sabistons or Greenfield but find out which one your program uses. (I try to read at least 30 minutes each day from one of these and 2 hours each weekend day that I am off.) I usually read the chapters that cover the rotation that I am on.

      Re-read Lawrence or Advanced Surgical Recall for ABSITE since you have about 6 months to this exam.

      Keep Mont Reid in your pocket for reading between cases. This book has great information that can be digested in a very short time. Very good for procedures when you need a quick refresher.

      Beg, borrow or steal a copy of "The Houseofficers Guide to the ICU". This is a small book but the most competely useful ICU book that can be found. This book is also out of print so buy it on E-bay if you see it. This book beats the Marino book hands down and can be read completely in a couple of hours.

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