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Reapplication - interview help?


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Feb 11, 2009
  1. Medical Student
    Hi -

    I'm a DO applicant who's currently in the superfun position of being entirely in 'The Waitlist Hunger Games'. Given that June 1st is right around the corner... I've got some decisions to make.

    I look good on paper - I got an interview at pretty much every school I applied to, thankfully - but I'm having trouble turning that into acceptances. My mother has suggested I join Toastmasters as a way of getting more experience and greater comfort in interviews, but aren't they geared more toward formal public speaking? If anyone can correct me on that, or offer other venues for working on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Don't want to lose out on my dream because I'm a bit 'behind' on this.

    Also, I know using the same personal statement is probably a no, but should what about letters of recommendation? Will it look bad if those aren't updated too?

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