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Jan 23, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to the Colts, obviously for the bears a defense can win championships but a quarterback can lose them.

Anyway, I have been sorta off track all day because I cannot get my mind off the future. For example, right now I am suppose to be studying for a test. I just interviewed at Wisco for my only interview, it went pretty well, really laid back. That was nice but it was more to describe my passion for medicine when the guy was interested in the snow out here in utah and travels to norway. Madison is pretty much my only chance this year and if I don't get in I am thinking of D.O. school. I really want to get into medicine, and soon, but after interviewing at madtown (where I have grown up) I'm real excited about that school. I am thinking of waiting a year and applying early decision and if rejected from that reapplying and getting out all my (primary) applications by october 1st.
(1st Question, that too big of a risk, to do the early decision program and probably not get secondaries out until the middle of october)

I think the real reason I didn't get in is because I applied late to all schools. I have a 3.4 and 30p (3.5sci gpa) and I'd say more experience than most students. I think this together is comparable to the average med student. Then, if things still fail with the M.D. schools, apply to D.O. just in case. I have nothing against D.O. they provide the exact same care, its just I think experience at an M.D. school may more fun, especially one like madison's where it is a great community of students and opportunity. I know it is a risk of a year, was wondering if there are any re-applicants, or people in general, with words of wisdom. It is also important to note I do have a girlfriend a year younger, this would allow for grad school at the same school , but I am young and that is far away. I am thinking of working back in the lab doing surgery on pigs and volunteering in the ER during the year off. Also, perhaps heading to S. America to help my dad do volunteer knee replacements for the impoverished.

P.S. Could someone explain how the re-ap procedure is different. i.e. Do you have to have completely different LORs besides doing the re-ap essay.


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Aug 19, 2006
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Hey there,
I'm a re-app but I waited two years before re-applying. The letters don't have to be different from your previous app cycle but your essays do, especially your amcas PS. If you could get an updated letter from a couple people of what you'll be doing within this next year, that would be ideal.

As for your question about early decision, that's a tough one. I thought about applying ED for my state school, but decided against it because it's too much of a risk. Considering that you have interviewed with them in this cycle, if you apply as early as possible in the next cycle, i don't see why they wouldn't give you another shot. But, of course, it's all up in the air with admissions committees in this process. Take my advice with a grain of salt, but I think you'll be giving yourself a way better chance the next cycle if you pick your schools correctly and apply early. That way you give yourself the best shot at interviews at different schools. You may like Madison (?) but you may love another school. You just have to be able to see it firsthand at an interivew. Good luck with this cycle and if it comes down to it, your next one.

It's also not a bad idea to apply D.O. in the next round with your allopathic schools. This, like everything else, may depend on your finances. I always wonder why this process has to be this expensive.