Aug 31, 2011
If I will have to reapply next cycle, would I need 4 totally new LORs?

Also, would I need to write an entirely new personal statement?

This past cycle was my third time applying, and I finally had a lot working for me. Received three pre-dec interviews. Just trying to be proactive. Thanks!
Oct 22, 2013
You don't need 4 new LORs, but I would suggest getting at least 1 new one.

As for your personal statement, you don't need to write a new one but freshen it up and maybe include some information about the past few years of applying and what you have done to improve with each passing application cycle.

Don't lose hope yet. I don't know what your status is with your pre-dec interviews, but if you got wait-listed, there's still a good chance you could get an acceptance.

What are your stats? Have you considered a master's program or post-bacc? I only ask because I know some people who would have benefitted from a masters/post-bacc right from the start because their stats were on the low side. Instead of taking that route, they ended up just taking a few classes here and there hoping it would be enough. After several application cycles, they still haven't had any luck. It's a risk and it's expensive, but if you really want it, that may be your best bet.