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Rec Letter

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by jkx011, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. jkx011


    Apr 23, 2007
    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for some help. I've recently asked an old employer for a rec letter and he asked that I actually write a sample rec in advance. Does anybody have any advice or any links as to where I could get some advice regarding rec letters?

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  3. CATallergy

    CATallergy 2+ Year Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    my experience with employers is usually "write whatever you want and I'll sign it"
  4. eternalrage

    eternalrage Even Kal has bad days... 10+ Year Member

    Jun 22, 2005
    Long Island, NY
    yuck I hate it when they do that.

    you could always try asking your premed department or advisors for examples.
  5. st0w

    st0w plasticperineum syndrome 10+ Year Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    That would drive me crazy. I would think adcoms are good at smelling those. Most people tend to have a somewhat distinctive writing style, and I would imagine it's possible to determine it when next to a PS.

    You could always ask them if they would be comfortable writing the letter if you provide them with a brief synopsis or list of the type of things you would appreciate them mentioning. It's hard, but you have to draw the fine line between what type of material it is important for them to include (especially since they probably don't know) and actually writing the letter for them. I personally feel the second borders on dishonest and unethical.

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