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Jul 25, 2001
"Thank you for your interest in rural health. I admire your initiative in investigating all of your choices early. ORCA adminsters a program called the Outstanding Rural Scholar. How this works is you will need to find a community to sponsor you that is underserved. The community will pay for half of your med school expenses and ORCA will match the other half. Your obligation to that community will be for every year you are sponsored, you will provide services for a year. There are several communities in Texas that are aware of this program and utilize it well. Others are unaware of it. I am attaching infomration about this program and if you have additional questions, please contact the program administrator, Dave Darnell. In addition, we have two other programs available for primary care physicians. One is callled the Texas HealthService Corps. This is a yearly stipend you may receive, up to $15,000 per year, each year you are in residency. Also, the obligation is a year for year basis. Lastly, we have a program that provides start up money, up to $50,000, to begin a practice, solo or joining an existing practice, in an underserved area. Also, I am attachinf info on these. NOTE: you may only participate in ONE of the THREE programs, so choose carefully."

I have the applications in .doc form as well, just PM me if you are intrested.
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