Recent F30 applications - Kirschstein National Research Service Awards

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Jul 23, 2002
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I submitted an F30 application to the NIEHS in December and just got my priority score and percentile. I got a good score but my mentor says that my percentile is so-so.

Has anyone else out there received theirs? Anyone have any ideas about what a good/competitive percentile is?

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I'm not knowledgable about how the F30 works but since it's through the NIH (and apparently I have nothing better to do at 6 in the morning) I'd say 4% and higher is basically assured funding - even when there's no money to give. Alot of it depends on availability of funds. If there's plenty of money to spread around, then you can have a much poorer percentile and still get funding. These figures are from different grants so someone with more experience with F30s may need to comment.

On a similar note - aren't scoring and percentile related? I thought that if your application had the best score it would also have the highest percentile... Hope this early morning rambling helps (although I'm starting to think it might not)!
I don't think the F30 is the same as other NIH funded grants due to the relatively small number of people who 1) are MD/PhD students and 2) are compelled to apply for this type of grant. So, based on the few number of people who apply, the percentiles of people who have good priority scores will be much larger than that of grants who have a large number of people applying to them.

Of anyone who has gotten their F30 applications funded, can you report your percentile scores?
I did not get funded, but I submitted 2 years ago to NIMH. The percentage that gets funded is dependent on which institute you are applying to because they each have different budgets. For example, I was told that NIMH expected to fund 20% of the F30 applications. With that being said, I don't know that you are scored separately from F31 and F32 applicants.

I can't remember exactly how scores and percentages work, but they aren't exactly the same. A professor in our department who has been on several study sections explained it to us once. Each study section scores their own set of applications, but some are known for scoring more stringently than others. If I remember correctly, a percentage of each section's grants are funded, meaning that a score of 140 (just as an example, I forget the range and what is considered "good") from one section may be in the top 10% of applications for that section but the same score may only be in the top 30% for another section. Sorry I can't remember the exact details, but I do remember he stressed that the percentile was more important than the score. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me.