Recently rejected from pharmacy school. plan to send email to rejects for guidance to better chances

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by RapidAgain, May 16, 2018.

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    what would be a very good title for an email directed for someone who works in the admissions of the school you were rejected by, to see what ways you can improve your chances of getting in and become more competitive? I want to hear directly from the schools I have been rejected by, what tips or suggestions will help me as prospective student who is re-applying. Also what keywords should i use in the body of this email?
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    Is this a joke
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    Just tell them you’re a student who wasn’t accepted, and ask them for specific feedback on how to improve your chances of acceptance going forward. Pretty simple.

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  5. Saisri_PharmStdnt

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    Possible title: Thank you for the interview

    In the email itself, I would thank them and the school for the interview and their time. You would want to mention that while you understand the decision, you would like to learn from this hurdle so that you can continue on your Pharmacy journey. I would probably also ask them questions such as, "In what would way could I have made myself a more desirable candidate?" or "What skills or attributes (or use your own words here) would have made me stand out more as a desirable candidate?"

    Just make sure when you are done composing your email, read it a few times and read it out loud a few times to be sure it doesn't come across and pushy or whiny or anything short of genuine. Text, particularly if you are sending an email and not a hand-written note, can be difficult to discern so you'd want to choose your words carefully to make sure your meaning comes across.

    Good luck!
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