Recommend Gold Standard?


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Jan 21, 2007
  1. Pre-Dental
    NO..stay away from it...only use the practice tests it comes has a good section on the interview process as well

    But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Seriously, why should one not use the gold standard?

    I bought it recently, and after reading comments here I'v decided to buy exam crackers as well.


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    Dec 17, 2004
      Me too: I don't get the "stay away from it" if the practice tests are good and the advice on interviews is good. Good practice tests are hard to find.

      Well here's my 2 cents:

      the gold standard DVDs are awesome

      the audio CD is very dry

      the book: definitely the practice tests are very realistic, they are online CBTs also, and the admissions advice is good. The only problems I had with the other sections was that the Verbal review was too short and the science review was a bit dry. But besides that sort of dry textbook feel to the science review, I did not find that the review was missing anything that's on the MCAT.

      If you score less than 10 on an AAMC practice MCAT CBT then definitely add the Examkrackers Verbal/Math book. It's a quick read with good advice.
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