DO Recommend OOS DO schools that are friendly to CA-residents w/ low GPA, avg MCAT

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Jun 10, 2017
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Applying for the cycle of 2018 matriculation!

My stats/demographics:

Degree from a private California school: BA in Biology with Spanish minor
GPA (both science and cumulative): ~3.1
MCAT: 500 (Chem&Phys: 125, CARS: 123, Bio&Biochem: 125, Psych&Soc: 127)
Race: Asian (I know, surprise surprise)

As a college student, didn't have much direct participation in health field, but I was involved in some extracurriculars:
- Work-study at an ethnic student center that focused on social support and mental health of community (local non-college folks and on-campus students)
- shadowed 2 MD's (couldn't find a DO during college, see below for DO shadowing)
- participated in Spanish courses with a focus on community involvement
- summer cancer research at a grad pharmacy school and used the topic to complete a thesis for my Bio major
- commuted from home almost all years, so I had quite the amount of domestic and sibling/older child duties

Current/Future planned Extracurriculars:
- teacher's assistant/aid at a private pre-k
- scribe at a local hospital ED with a residency program
- shadow a local DO affiliated with my scribing site
- OMM clinic student at Western Pomona DO school

I would really appreciate any comments (which schools to definitely apply for, which ones to avoid and which ones are good high-reach schools considering my stats) from previous successful applicants that were in kind of the same boat I'm in, with respect to stats and demographics. If possible, please list your background like I did because that will put your comment into more perspective not only for me but for anyone in similar. I would also appreciate direct links to DO school stats on most recent admitted class.

FTR: I'm aware there are many posts of this type but are either outdated or OP specific. So help me out and please refrain from the unnecessary hate. Please and thanks everyone! <3

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If i were you i would apply to all the newer schools and those that give regional preference to the California area. I would avoid older schools first and then those that favor other regions (NYIT, MSU ROWAN PCOM) as obviously your best bet would be those that favor your area good luck
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These are DO schools where you could receive interviews with your stats:
VCOM (all 3 schools)
Idaho (new school)
Most of these schools have median MCAT scores in the 498 to 502 range. It would also be a good idea to take science courses at a local college (community college would be fine) in the coming year in order to raise your GPA to 3.2 or higher in case you need to reapply next year.
I'm not much help with a DO list. Sorry.
The only two schools I'm really familiar with are Western and Touro. From what I've seen, their MCAT medians are much higher than 500. They could be your "reaches," though. Even private schools have some IS preference.