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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by grayfish, Jun 25, 2002.

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    I am just wondering when is it a good time to ask for recommendation letters from the attending? Should I ask right after a rotation while they still remember me or should I wait until a few month prior to sending off application? What if I am doing a early rotation (say Jan/Feb) in a field I am interested in applying? Does anyone also know who (IM, surgery, and a person in the field of interest???) and how many letters I should get for my application? Thanks in advance.
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    I see no benefit in waiting a few months to ask for the letter if you are sure what field you will be applying to, unless you will be doing a sub-I in that field/with that particular attending.

    I believe most people get letters after they have completed a rotation or at least ask for it then, and then provide the attending with an up-to-date CV, etc. when it comes time to submit the letters (so that the writer can have the most recent information on scores, personal statement, etc.)

    Generally your letters should come from attendings in the field in which you intend to apply. However, letters from clinical staff on rotations like Medicine, ICU, etc. are almost always helpful.

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