Recreation therapy (volunteering) at hospital, clinical experience?

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Sep 21, 2013
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I've done ~200 hours over a span of ~2 years (stopped last spring, it was ~2 hrs a week) of recreation therapy. Basically I worked with terminally ill patients (palliative care) as well as patients in continuing care. So I see 3 things that have come from this:

1) Mentally stimulating games to cognitively stimulate elderly patients and those with dementia.

2) Improving the quality of life of those who are terminally ill.

3) At one time I was involved in something like "behavioral alteration therapy" or something like that, with a couple patients.

So 2 questions...

1) Is this considered a strong EC? (since it's 200 hours over 2 years... though it's the most I could get given the strict number of spots in this hospital's health system for this specific position) It would be my 3rd best EC.

2) Are any of those 3 points not considered to be "legit" in the clinical sense? @Goro
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Well if you were passionate about it and had a great experience with a lot to talk about then it is a solid EC. It could be considered clinical if health care was being administered.