Recurrent brief depression. How do you treat this condition?


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Sep 6, 2008
    I had a patient who is in her early twenties who came with a depressive episode with psychotic features so severe that we could not understand what she was telling. She responded very well to a course of ECT and left hospital 2 weeks back perfectly well.

    Her parents brought her back 2 days ago. unfortuately she is back to square one. She has depressive features and sounds really psychotic.

    Thorough history from parents reveal that for the last one year she has been having less severe but depressive episodes that last only for 2-3 days and she's back to normal. (this had occurred in spite of a combination of antidepressant, anti psychotic and a mood stabilizer.)

    My consultant says her history is suggestive of Recurrent brief depression (RBD). Do any of you have experienced treating this condition? Would love some help.


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    Apr 6, 2007
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      Does the psychosis follow the onset of depression, or preceed it? Or do they seem to come at the same time? Does the depressive part of it meet criteria for a MDE? What are the psychotic symptoms? Severe thought disorder, or more than that? If psychosis is so prominent in the presentation, why arent psychotic disorders on your list of differentials? The twenties is a common time for schizophrenia spectrums to manifest.
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