"Reed Procedure" and Reed Migraine Centers - how does he get paid?


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Jan 8, 2002
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I cannot get any peripheral nerve stimulators covered by any insurance here in Seattle. I have a few patients with intractable occipital neuralgia who would do great with an occipital nerve stimulator, but insurance will not approve. Instead, one of them is getting bilateral C2 and C3 dorsal ganglionectomies by a very good neurosurgeon I work with.

Anyway, this guy appears to do combined bilateral occipital and supra-orbital nerve stimulator implants by the hundreds. I have no idea why he has named the procedure after himself - there is nothing inventive here.

How does he get it covered by insurance? Is it cash pay only? If so, how much?

Dude even travels the country giving "seminars" in "his" procedure...