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Regarding Fulltime Status and BAH Distribution (Chapter 33 / 31)


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Oct 13, 2014
  1. Pharmacy Student
I've received a lot of great questions regarding BAH distribution based on how many credits allows for the full pay-out every month: As a side note, moving to online courses that were normally in the classroom setting has no burden on the amount of BAH

A veteran utilizing GI Bill / VR&E will be paid a monthly stipend based on the program standards of what is considered full time. For example, at the undergraduate level typically 12 credit hours per semester is considered full time (14 credits for some institutions to qualify for scholarships). As for professional grads, this may fluctuate depending on academic work and rotation sites. For myself, this summer of doing rotations will be put out as 9 credits. According to the program standards, that is considered full time. Of course this would change once I am back in the classroom setting in the Fall.

A faster way to check if your mailed document (if its VR&E) reflects the true pay out, I would contact your certifying official for a quick look up of what you are put down for in a specific term. I happened to do this just to double check my tracks and it was verified that I still qualify for the full monthly BAH.

Any other questions feel free to message here or PM if its better. Good luck!
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