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Jun 3, 2009
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I will be a senior next year, and will be registering for classes soon. My major is very small, and usually only 1-2 classes are offered per semester. I need three more courses to complete my major, one of which is an elective . One of these is offered next semester, but it's at the same time as Biochem I (the third, elective, course required). Biochem is required by my top-choice med school, so I have to take it eventually, but it can be replaced by Immunology/Physiology/Genetics for my major.

OPTION A) I can take Biochem, and hope that two, non-conflicting classes are offered for my major in my last semester of college (leaving me with 14 credits of upper level science courses)

OPTION B) I can take one of Imm/Phys/Gen along with my major class (total 14 credits of science + another 4 credit course), then take the last remaining major elective Spring 2010 (and have only 10 credits of science, nothing else). This would require me to take Biochem I during my year off at another university back home (Doing MCAT this summer so don't want to do it over the summer).
*Staying an extra semester is out of the question*

My adviser has not replied to my email, so meanwhile I want to get feedback from SDN. Which option? If (B), Immunology, Phys, or Genetics?

Sorry for the long post.