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Dec 29, 2006
Hi everyone! I live in CA but but am taking the MCAT in Reno since I switched dates late in the game and that's all that was open. I haven't ever been to Reno, though, and was wondering if people could help me out.

What kind of area is the testing center in? How are the local hotels? I want to get a place close to the center but haven't really heard of most of the places that I'm finding listed online. I am a little afraid of getting a room at a loud casino/wedding/party type place. I would much rather prefer a calmer atmosphere. Also - what restaurants are in the area? And how is the testing center itself...what kind of facilities, computers, bathrooms, etc?

Thanks I'm just a little nervous that I can't go and check the place out ahead of time and would like test day as soon as possible. I really appreciate any info. people might have to offer! :)


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Jun 20, 2007
Medical Student
I have no idea but be sure to say hi to Lt. Jim Dangle for me