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Jan 11, 2007
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For students who are going to Detroit Mercy or are familiar with the Detroit area, would you recommend buying or renting? Is there an area where buying would be a smart decision (we will be staying for four years) which is located between the old location for Detroit Mercy and the new location for Detroit Mercy? Any comments or ideas for towns/villages to look at would be much appreciated.



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May 18, 2003
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Where did they decide to put the new campus?

Any way, you'll want to stay out of Detroit but most of the suburbs are nice. Previously Royal Oak and the areas around there were popular locations.


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Oct 9, 2006
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they're putting the new campus about 10 minutes south of the outer drive campus. My interview said something about being near M-96 and MLK..I dont know where that is, but its what he said. Apparenty its a completely remodeled Kindred Hospital. Should be nice (minus the area of course).


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Dec 23, 2006
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The new location is at the former Kindred Hospital located on 2700 Martin Luther King Dr.

If you would like to see a map of where this is please click here

The new location is marker "A".

I will be starting DDS school there in August. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions. I'd love to meet some fellow future UDM Titans!

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