Representativeness of AAMC CARS practice passages to the actual exam?

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Jun 16, 2015
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Hey Everyone!

So I'm 2.5 months out from my MCAT & I started tackling the AAMC Practice CARS passages today, and for the most part they don't seem too difficult to comprehend.

However, at times, I do find myself making mistakes.
By mistakes I mean getting my answer choices down to two answers that seem similar but I end up choosing the incorrect answer...the reason being, is that the answer choice contains a particular word that is not even relevant/mentioned in the passage although the rest of the answer accurately depicts the main idea or context of a particular paragraph. (Basically it's half right and half wrong)

So i guess my questions are...

1) Will the passages on test day have answer choices similar to the choices I described above?
2) Any tips on how to be more vigilant of this, or have any of you had a similar problem and how did you overcome it?

Your input is very much appreciated,