Reproductive Endocrinology (REI)

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by bubster9, Sep 5, 2001.

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    What's the 411 on this field. I know that OBGYN is tough for men to get into these days but what about fellowships like REI? Also, what can a typical day be like, and what about call. Also, what's the compensation like for this field. Any input on the field is welcome. Thanks!
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    One of our Reproductive Endocrinologists said something like, "I chose academics because I love to teach. I could have gone to Madison Avenue, in Manhattan, and made a million dollars a year with the rest of my friends, but instead, I wanted to stay here, for less than a third of that." If you can make 333,333.00 bucks in Columbia, Missouri, you could do much better elsewhere.

    It can be a high paying job.

    It is NOT the hardest post-Ob fellowship to get into, by the way. That would be Gyn Oncology. I asked my chief resident about competetiveness, and that's what she said.

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