Reputation of residency: Is there a direct relationship with starting salary?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Pinky, Dec 17, 2001.

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    It is generally well known that having a degree from the University of Chicago Law School will on average lead to better employment opportunities and generally better starting pay than going to John Marshall Law School which is also in Chicago.

    Likewise, if you look at any guide for application to business schools, there is a table for avg. starting salaries of graduates. You'll find that there is a direct relationship between these salaries and with reputation of school. (Graduates of Kellogg make substantially more on average than graduates of UIC's business school right after graduation.) You'll also notice that the companies recruiting from each school differs greatly.

    Question: does the same standard hold true for non-academic employment opportunities after finishing one's residency training (e.g. neurology residency at UCSF vs. neurology residency at Loyola University)?

    I'll hang up and listen to my answer.

    -Pinky (and the brain)
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    No it doesn't make a difference. How much you make is more of a function of the location(saturated city vs small town) and the specialty(peds vs radiology) then what school your from or where you trained. A big name place usually only helps in terms of getting research opportunities and sometimes fellowships. For the most part a big name is only going to help if you want an academic position.
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    That's a good damn question, and one I wish I also had an answer too! Thanks godfather, I look forward to seeing other responses as well.
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    I disagree completely. Having done a residency or fellowship @ a prestigious place will open a lot of doors when you look for jobs, especially in competative markets.

    This is not the same thing as saying you will definately earn more money if you train @ MGH (for instance), because the "best" jobs aren't always the highest paying. I could go to BFE, Kentucky for example and start @ 350-400K in general surgery, but be on call every night for ER/trauma with no backup, versus starting @ 150-250K with q6 call and live in a larger metropolitan area with its cultural amenaties.

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