Reschedule the MCAT?

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Nov 10, 2007
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Hi guys, I have a question about rescheduling the MCAT.

I took the MCAT on August 21, 2014 and voided. I was scoring 32-35 on my practice tests (I said I'd be happy with a 31-32, not looking to overachieve or anything, but wouldn't mind doing so.. haha).

When I took the August 21 MCAT, there was this one physical sciences passage that I just got stuck on and timing messed me up and I knew there that I had to void since my score was probably going to be below a 10 on PS. I didn't sleep well the night before and the whole test in general was a foggy mess.

I rescheduled for Nov 7 and just started studying again after getting settled into school (gives me a little over a month). I wanted to take the Nov 7 and see what the score was, and if it wasn't to my liking, I would take a January one. I wouldn't even be asking this if it weren't for one important problem:

The problem with that is that if I take the Nov 7 one and do bad on it, would there be any open spots for the January dates? I am trying to avoid the new MCAT just like everyone else. I think you have to wait 24-48 hours before you can sign up for another MCAT after taking an actual MCAT. Does anyone know if those January dates would be full by ~November 9th? I know no one can predict but I'm hoping for some advice.

Should I just reschedule my Nov 7 test to January now?

Thanks for the help and sorry for any typos, wrote this in a rush.

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You can get on the AAMC site now, sign in, and click on "reschedule" to see what dates are available currently. I've been amazed how quickly dates are filling up though - some states were already completely full for the January dates, and that was when I was rescheduling weeks ago. I don't know what your location is, but I strongly encourage you to check the dates and locations available on the AAMC site now.

Like you said, everyone is trying to avoid the 2015 MCAT, and seats are disappearing fast - I've seen people posting here on SDN who are talking about or already set on flying to other parts of the country to get the test date they want. I don't want to say it's hopeless, but take the possibility that you won't get the date/location you want seriously and consider whether or not you really want to risk it. I rescheduled after deciding I wanted a higher score, and I had to pick a date I didn't want in a different state nearly 2+ hours drive from where I live, and it's an 8am exam, so I'll be up around 5am just to GET there on time.
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