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Apr 6, 2020
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Hello everyone. I have a question about registration for the MCAT. SDN has provided me with some very useful advice in the past so I thought I'd pick your brains again.

I'm scheduled to test on March 13, but I'm rescheduling. I'm not ready. My goal score is 515, and my last 4 practice full-lengths were:

Kaplan FL1: 504 (125/126/126/127)
Kaplan FL2: 508 (126/127/127/128)
Kaplan FL3: 506 (127/128/124/127)
Blueprint FL1: 509 (127/126/128/128)

I know that 3rd party exams aren't representative of the actual score, but I still probably need some more time. I've barely opened any of the AAMC practice materials.

Registration for April-June opens on Wednesday, and I'm trying to decide between an April 10 date and a May 1 date. Leaning towards April 10.

My question is: say April 10 comes and I'm still not ready [really planning for this to not happen, but just in case]. Based on historical experience, will it still be possible to find an open spot during the month of May somewhere within the Southeast [where I live] or Northeast United States [where I have family]? I know that March-May is a popular testing time for those applying in the upcoming cycle, so I don't want to shut myself out of any date whatsoever because I wasn't ready.

EDIT: I'm now mulling it over and considering doing the opposite: registering for May 1 and, if I'm ready in April, seeing if an April 10 spot is available.

Thank you in advance for the advice!
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Apr 25, 2019
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Absolutely don't take the MCAT if you're not ready. It's a weird year with a lot of unpredictability, but there's usually a lot of movement for MCAT spots. Just be sure to check regularly and eventually one will open up.

Kevin W, MCAT Tutor
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