Research and Health care management ?

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Jan 15, 2013
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Hey Folks

I am an MD who is looking to for a career at both Research like in Oncology where my background is ....I am an MD with MSc in a foreign country in Oncology and Also Health care management or HMP .

I want to pursue a career for Both at the same time....As I do like to work in Research and Development where i work as now and at the same time after sometime to work in planning , strategy and consulting

Can this be fulfilled by working in a pharmaceutical company ? As I am afraid that If I only went for research , I may get bored of the long stay in the Lab .

What exactly shall I apply for as a degree ? a Masters degree ? Is it BioTechnology ? or do I have to do Cancer and cell biology Msc then maybe after some time do an HMP . that is the worst case scenario for me ... I don't want to do that...

To get a deep idea as where exactly I am standing , you can go to this link

Please let me know...