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Dec 24, 2007
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Hey guys,
I really want to be at home this summer, but research opportunities are limited in my hometown. We have a real good nursing school, so I was thinking about doing research there? Would that be something that residencies look down upon or think is just plain weird? Is it alright for a med student to do research at a nursing school or should I try to find something else? I may want a competitive residency someday, so I want to make sure I get some research in this summer.
How is someone supposed to find research opportunities anyway? Everyone just talked generally about how great research is over the summer, but how do we go about getting it? thanks for your input.


I don't think that doing nursing research is going to be of much help in making you competitive for a residency program as medicine and nursing are completely different entities. Most nursing schools don't do bench research and have very limited clinical research that will be of any use for you if you are not in nursing.

Does your medical school have a Dean of Research. Most schools do and if not, any of the hospitals have a Director of Research who may be a good starting point. Have you approached any of the department chairs at your medical school? I can't imagine a department chair pre-clinical or clinical not knowing how to link medical students with research.

Finally, go to the NIH website (do a google search) and search that website for medical student research opportunities. NIH sponsors plenty of research opportunities for medical and dental students of US medical schools. Most of these opportunities have deadlines and thus you need to move pretty quickly.

The biggest factors in you obtaining a competitive residency will be your performance in medical school. You need to have good grades and do well on USMLE Step I. Research does not and will not make up for lack of grades and board scores. Unless you are passionately interested in research, use the summer to rest and come back prepared to have a strong second year. The likelihood that you are going to be able to accomplish a significant research project on a summer break is not that good.