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Research Funding Opportunities?


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Mar 24, 2012
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    I have applied for research positions this summer however, not through any program. I contacted the professors myself and most of them have said they will not provide funding for me. They told me that if I could find a research undergraduate studentship that would fund me, they would gladly help me apply. I am currently studying 1st year medicine in the UK. I am Canadian and did high school in Canada. The research that I am applying for will be performed in Toronto at a UofT affiliated hospital.

    Does anyone know of any research studentship/bursary that would allow me to apply? So far the ones i have seen from Canada like NSERC allow funding for research done in Canada but require you to attend a Canadian university. The ones I have seen from the UK like RCSE require you to attend a UK university but only work if you are doing research in the UK.

    It seems like i'm awkwardly stuck between two countries, fulfilling part of each of their requirements but not fulfilling all which bars me from applying to any.
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