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Research in Podiatry....

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10+ Year Member
Feb 2, 2007
  1. Podiatrist
There's definetly a lot more podiatry-related research going on than I can seem to keep up with reading lol...

I'm a 2nd year student, so any research that I can currently do on my own is essentially limited to literature reviews (it's limited because I don't yet have clinical skill or experience and haven't seen cases yet). Still, I'll tell you first hand that whenever I start gathering background on a podiatry review subject, five journal articles turn into ten and then into 25 relavent articles very fast. Before long, I'm reading all week on the same subject :p


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
May 6, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
  1. Podiatry Student
Hello everyone !!!

I was just wondering why in podiatry research is not on a fast pace as other medical profession? can anyone elaborate on this issue ...

Research is probably one of the more important cornerstones in our profession and specialty - without it we'd go extinct and wouldn't cement our position amongst the other medical specialties. We are encouraged to get involved with research as podiatric medical students and are required by many of our 3-year residencies to publish at least once during our post graduate years.
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