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Mar 27, 2008
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    I'm kind of new to the whole research scene but have been desperately trying to figure out which option would be the most interesting. Since I don't really know much about any I figured I'd ask people that are experienced with it.

    So here are my options: Form creation and data entry, Logistica/Barcodes, Data Extraction

    Those are the available training sessions. Any input would be great, thanks!


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    Mar 18, 2008
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      i have no idea what it's like at your college, but OSU has tons of research options, it's just extremely hard to find a lab that will take you without any previous research (it's really hard to find research in departments that require training/ upper level classes.)

      I'm a microbiology major and attempted to find research in micro and found that all 20+ labs dealing with micro didn't want a guy who had no previous time in a lab.

      I had to go to OSU's hospital website and e-mail over 40 people before I finally found a lab that would take me. It is in a neurology lab but it specializes in immunohistochemistry, which has strong implications in my major but it's not exactly what I was looking for.

      My point is, you can attend seminars (OSU offered 345254 of them a quarter but they were almost pointless, you really have to put your name out on your own) but you might have to take a research option that isn't exactly what you wanted. Get your foot in the door. Also, be prepared to dedication anywhere from 1-20 hours a week. Most labs really need to you to work many hours a week to overcome a steep learning curve, making your time there beneficial even if you duck out after one semester.
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