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Ursus Martimus
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Apr 19, 2004
I have a question about resaerch time during residency and how to maximize that time. Most programs don't offer more than 9 months at a stretch. There are some exeptions, ie Beaumont. They do this by allowing you to use some of your elective time during the Ty year to consolidate with the 9 months during residency, ie 3months (elective) + 9 months (residency) = 12 months. There are also requirements for med onc, peds onc, and path - at least by accrediation standards. Sometimes these are met in unique ways, ie tumor boards all 4 years = 1 month path. The question I have is this: Let's say you do med onc at a respectable TY program as an elective at a program that is not connected to the residency, can you "claim credit" for that month you are required for RadOnc? I mean if you could at a program that is directly linked to the residency program it seems only fair to get the same credit if the TY program is removed from the residency. I am not sure if this makes since but if anyone can weigh in with an opinion, it would be appreciated.


Feb 21, 2003
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ACGME only thinks of Rad onc as PGY2-5, and states "No fewer than 36 months of the 4-year program must be spent in the clinical core curriculum of radiation oncology. In addition, the program must provide a 2-month rotation or its equivalent in hematology/medical oncology, to include adult and pediatric patients, and exposure to oncologic pathology, either by its integration into the conference schedules and tumor boards or by a 1-month rotation in oncologic pathology. The remaining months must allow for in-depth experience in individually selected areas applicable to clinical radiation oncology, as described in Section V.A.2, Clinical Curriculum. A research component, either clinical or basic laboratory research, is desirable."

However, the ABR sees Rad onc residency as PGY1-5, and Holman path counts up to 3 months intern year "electives" in order to free up research time in PGY2-5. So my impression is that if you can demonstrate that you took the electives in TY for that purpose, ABR will count them, and that's all that seems to matter at most institutions...
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